17 November 2021

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If you are planning to add a swimming pool to your landscape whether it’s inground or above ground, fiberglass pools are the best option. Before making a final decision about buying a pool, let us go through some of the pros and cons of fiberglass pools.


Pros And Cons Of Fiberglass Pools


Pros of Fiberglass Pool 


Fiberglass pools can be installed Fast

Fibreglass pools can be installed faster compared to any other type of pool. Installation time won’t exceed more than a week. The reason behind this is that fibreglass pools arrive at your home fully manufactured and ready to be installed. 

Once the pool shell is manufactured, it can be installed within a week. Other types of pools like concrete pools require specific weather conditions to prevent damage during installation. Weather doesn’t matter for FRP pools. This makes the process even quicker.


Fiberglass Pools are very Durable

Compared to other pools, Fiberglass pools are durable, strong and the chances of damages are very low. 

 A well-made fibreglass pool can last more than 20-30 years. Most of the manufacturers offer a minimum of 10 years of manufacture warranty.


Fiberglass Pools has a very lower maintenance

Fibreglass swimming pools are almost maintenance-free. Not only because of its durability but also because fibreglass gives a smooth, less pory surface. This surface smoothness restricts algae growth, which is common with other types of pools like concrete pools. This avoids weekly cleanings and other maintenance works.


No liner replacement or resurfacing is needed

There is no liner in Fiberglass pools. So fiberglass pool owners don’t have to deal with liner replacements. Most of the fiberglass pool’s Gelcoat can last a very long time without requiring replacement or resurfacing.


Lower lifetime cost

Fibreglass pools might have a higher upfront cost than vinyl liner pools. But when you consider the maintenance cost and other benefits, fiberglass pools eventually cost you very little to own over the long term compared to other types of pools. Fiberlass pools don’t require any acid washing, resurfacing, repairing, or liner replacement, which will save you a ton of money in the long run.


Cons of Fiberglass Pool 


As we mentioned, fiberglass pools aren’t perfect, FRP pools also have some disadvantages.

Here are some of the common drawbacks fiberglass pools which you should before owning one.


Fiberglass pool designs can be limited

You might get many designs of fiberglass pools from dealers like Falcons Fiber. But you won’t get to take part in the process of creating or designing your pool.

You have the option to choose the surface colour and add ons you want in your fiberglass pool, but you can’t create a custom shape, or have your pool built to a specific size or depth as per your wish.


Fiberglass Pools Size is limited.

Fiberglass pools have limitations in width. You cant customize these as per your wish. The limitation is based on manufacturing and transporting. The maximum width cannot exceed 16 feet.


Fiberglass pools have higher initial costs.

The upfront cost of the FRP pools is higher compared to Vinyl liner pools. Even though it’s a big money saver in long term, the initial cost is very high which stops many customers from owning a fibreglass pool.


Have more questions about fiberglass pools? Ask us anything related to fiberglass products in the comments, and we’ll answer as soon as possible.


At Falcons Fiber, we manufacture world-class affordable fiberglass pools for customers across India. Feel free to contact us any time for complete details of our FRP pools. 


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