The Tale of Falcons Fiber India

Headquartered at Navi Mumbai, India, Falcons Fiber Factory is one of the aspiring names engaged in manufacturing and understanding a variety of fibreglass reinforced plastics. The varieties include FRP Gratings, Channels, Railing, FRP Handrail, FRP swimming pools, FRP Planter Pots, FRP Benches, FRP Doors and much more. Fabricated using optimum quality raw material also advanced technology, these are in compliance with international standards. These products are fixed in construction, corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy, low maintenance, as well as durable finish standards. All the Falcons fibreglass reinforced plastic products are available in standard dimensions as well as in customized options.

Falcons Fibers, a leading fibreglass reinforced plastics manufacturer is managed by a group of seasoned and dedicated professionals, technicians, and experienced shop employees. Our team take pride in their company and seriously fulfils your requirements as a client. We, at Falcons Fibers, believe knowledge and dedication is the key to providing our customer with a superior quality product. Quality has always been our main limitation in each and every piece of our FRP product which goes out of our factory. Quality Standards can only be maintained with highly efficient and skilled persons having high commitment levels and personal attention.

To maintain quality working, the basic requirement is to educate the supervisors and actual working persons on the shop floor to achieve the desired process-oriented results. We have established standards and systems, which are being followed, starting from the acceptance of raw material stage, work-in-progress stage, discontinues quality checks, and finished product inspection and testing.


Falcons Fiber offers different varieties of industrial products. All our FRP Products coming out of our factory passes all the quality checks. If your top priority is safety and quality, Falcons FRP industrial products should be your first choice.


Luxury products are always expensive. But not in Falcons Fiber. We offer luxury products like FRP swimming pools, jacuzzi and much more at a very affordable price. Now everyone can enjoy the taste of luxury with our affordable products.


We are the leading producers of FRP decorative products in India, which includes both indoor and outdoor FRP products. Whether it’s home decor, garden decor or landscape decor, we have all the products you need to get a wonderful result.

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