FRP advantages


18 October 2021

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FRP advantages

Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composites offer five significant advantages for any type of project

  • Faster installation time
  • Lightweight material
  • Resistance to corrosion & very little maintenance
  • Cost savings
  • Design flexibility

FRP is often the fitting choice for building cost-effective structures that can stand for a very long time.


Advantages Of FRP Products


Faster Installation Time


Infrastructure projects have the potential to disturb public life, so it is important to complete them as efficiently as soon as possible. Prefabricated FRP components allow you to install each part more rapidly. Many big projects including cantilever sidewalks, pedestrian bridges, and rail platforms etc., can benefit from this.


Lightweight Material


FRP is over eight times lighter than precast concrete. This means that they are far safer and easier to work with, cost less to transport, and doesn’t require many pieces of equipment to install or extract. 


Resistance to Corrosion & Low Maintenance 


The strength of FRP makes it ideal for heavy-duty usage in all types of climate. FRP is also is highly resistant to water, salt & chemical corrosion— Its structures can easily last nearly 100 years with very low maintenance or expensive rebuilds. 

Due to their corrosion resistance property, FRP materials are also ideal for use in waterfront uses. FRP is not responsive to insects, mould, or mildew, and it will not decay in harsh weather conditions, even if it is exposed to high-energy impacts.


Cost Savings


FRP components are specially built to increase profitability & long-term savings. Several factors contribute to the cost-cutting of FRP:

  • Higher durability
  • Low maintenance 
  •  Water & chemical corrosion resistance
  • Fast and affordable installation
  • Adaptable design capabilities

Products made with FRP material always costs lower than products made with traditional materials.


Design Flexibility


FRP is ideal for any type of product that requires customization. Regardless of complexity, creators can design panels of different sizes & shapes. This allows for artistic versatility, as there is a vast range of colours. It is also possible to add functional features to expedite a smooth & simple installation process.


Why Falcons FRP Products


At Falcons Fiber, one of our premier products is FRP Swimming pools. Quality of our product is the main attraction along with affordability. Our pools come in different shapes and sizes customized based on customers requirements. 

Apart from this, products like backdrops, planter pots, fish tanks, benches, furniture etc are already won thousands of hearts all over India.

Since 2000, Falcons Fiberglass India has been the leading manufacturers of high performance, low-cost FRP products. Our latest technologies and wonderful designs ensure that we provide high-quality products at a very affordable rate.

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